Art now

Hello world. I see I still get world viewers through this website.  That is awesome!  It’s been so long since I’ve last posted here, that I feel like a different person. If you care to know I still make art, and I do it for a living.  This is my 5th year as a professional painter, and I’m still learning and aspiring to be better.  I have an updated website at if you want to see more.  But for now here are pics of my two latest paintings. which are forsale on my Etsy site:   Thanks for viewing!!   Much love!

Overcoming my fear of making figurative art

Have you ever put off a task or work that you know you had to get back to and do at some point?  Better late then never right? Well for me that is Figure painting and drawing.  I took a few classes in college, but the courses were intro classes and I didn’t really study and master rendering the human figure with a focused consciousness.  I’ve always been afraid of rendering bodies and especially hands.   I really want to own that skill now, I’m way late in the game,  and I know this will take a lot of work over time to achieve this, but for now I am so humbled as a dedicated  student of human anatomy and figure art.

Talent can only get you so far, to achieve the real glory of personal victory, we must face our fear do the work and NEVER give up!   Figure study begins now!

Risoart update

1 of the 3 murals completed in September.

I havn’t posted on this website in 6 months,because I’ve been focused on other things. This website is no longer my main website. is the main site. This is now going to be the blog where I share more in depth information about what’s going on behind the Art. Lately I’ve been motivated to take what I’m building (Art Business) to the next level. Take the art to the next level, and take the business to the next level. Practice, Practice, Study, Practice intensive discipline is what it takes for the art part. I sacrificed my social life and parts some relationships to focus on Art during this September, and I can see it is starting to pay off. My confidence as a painter and teacher has gone up, and I’ve painted nearly 30 paintings and 3 murals this past month! I’m truly making a living as a painter staying a float on this vast ocean of dreams. My dreams of being free have set sail and im on a life long course that will hopefully take me around the world and into the stars.

Riso Art gets busy

There is so much to catch up on.  I have been very busy the past few months started teaching entertainment painting classes at The Loaded Brush,   and started making videos there as well.  I’ve also been doing video work for Artist Marla Baggetta, and helped her with a workshop that she put on.   Her work is quite amazing.    I got to hang out for a day with one of my favorite artists Eric Nez which was a fun,  inspiring, and a humbling experience.   He showed me some of his works in-progress of pieces that he has spent more then a year on.  WOWzers!    Local Portland celebrity artist Chris Haberman curates for a bunch of places all over Portland asked me to show at one of his places.   That show goes up This Week at  “The JAM”  in Portland.   Also I want to mention I have been hired to paint a HUGE mural 50ftx30ft with full creative freedom!  The wall is on the outside of a building which faces the main Portland Hospital OHSU.  It is right under and can be seen from the Sky trans which takes people to and from the Hospital.  Very exciting!

Live Painting for Portland Homeless

This was such an awesome night of quality music and people giving.  The Sale, and Tony Smiley Rocked the house, we were at, Portlands Mississippi Studios playing to a packed house.  The Painting sold that night and money donated to help out the Homeless!  1544474_10152101348114284_388081422_n 1559585_10202642310357369_947035193_n 1526256_10202655456566016_1803766842_n