Collaboration and charity live painting for Typhoon Hayian victims

This was a great event that I live painted at and sold the painting that night. The money went strait to helping out Typhoon Hayian victims!   My collaboration artist buddy was Matt Schlosky who is a brilliant Portland artist.  We Live painted music by Tim Snider, Max Ribner, and other great musicians. This Event was on Dec.4th  1468499_10202720661435641_156553714_n 1460149_558505937577721_1311027361_n 1450297_553487771412871_1621091040_n 1017033_553174694777512_520443318_n

Happy New Year!

So apparently I survived 2013.. Novelty was off the charts as Terence Mckenna predicted.   I can look back at this year and see  good progress w my art development, and I can look forward with excitement to see the direction I’m headed.   I met some powerful Artists (people)  in the past few days and am influenced and inspired.   Alex Grey, and Eric Nez! Wow..   The Visionary art movement is calling me to be a part of it.   I want to expand consciousness awaken and  change culture for the better. Not just make cool pictures…   I want to create solutions to major world problems using Art.    Art can help This sick Earth and The Visionary Art movement is a Powerful force that is divine in nature with so many conscious  light beings a part of it.    It’s time for me to use art the way it should be used. Cheers to a New Year and a New direction!


Sold to a famous Painter!!!

Butterflyfly eyesweb

4feet x5feet Painted this painting in September.  Mixed media on wood.  spray paint and acrylic.

I’m honored that painter Marla Baggetta, who is a pretty big deal fine art painter, saw my painting hung in the Milwaukie City Hall and bought it!

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