Risoart update

1 of the 3 murals completed in September.

I havn’t posted on this website in 6 months,because I’ve been focused on other things. This website is no longer my main website. http://Risoart.com is the main site. This is now going to be the blog where I share more in depth information about what’s going on behind the Art. Lately I’ve been motivated to take what I’m building (Art Business) to the next level. Take the art to the next level, and take the business to the next level. Practice, Practice, Study, Practice intensive discipline is what it takes for the art part. I sacrificed my social life and parts some relationships to focus on Art during this September, and I can see it is starting to pay off. My confidence as a painter and teacher has gone up, and I’ve painted nearly 30 paintings and 3 murals this past month! I’m truly making a living as a painter staying a float on this vast ocean of dreams. My dreams of being free have set sail and im on a life long course that will hopefully take me around the world and into the stars.

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