Live Painting for Portland Homeless

This was such an awesome night of quality music and people giving.  The Sale, and Tony Smiley Rocked the house, we were at, Portlands Mississippi Studios playing to a packed house.  The Painting sold that night and money donated to help out the Homeless!  1544474_10152101348114284_388081422_n 1559585_10202642310357369_947035193_n 1526256_10202655456566016_1803766842_n

Collaboration and charity live painting for Typhoon Hayian victims

This was a great event that I live painted at and sold the painting that night. The money went strait to helping out Typhoon Hayian victims!   My collaboration artist buddy was Matt Schlosky who is a brilliant Portland artist.  We Live painted music by Tim Snider, Max Ribner, and other great musicians. This Event was on Dec.4th  1468499_10202720661435641_156553714_n 1460149_558505937577721_1311027361_n 1450297_553487771412871_1621091040_n 1017033_553174694777512_520443318_n

RisoArt Invited to do Live Painting on Hump Night!

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Hump Night: An Art Social

Always on the last Wednesday of the month

February 27, 2013    7pm until midnight

Alexeisia’s Center for Arts
1319 SE MLK Jr. Blvd
Portland, ORCreative Collaborations will be providing musical entertainment by some of Portland’s hottest musicians and DJs.   This month we are featuring:    DJ Mom,    Albino Gorilla,  Daytrip to logos, Low Key.THE MAIN EVENT: The construction of our first collective art installation. During this next event we are building a pyramid with a 4 foot wide base that will reach 8 feet into the sky. We will be inviting several painters from our community to collaborate on one theme and each artist will be live-painting one panel of the pyramid during the night.One or more new installation pieces will be created at each Hump Night: An Art Social. Once finished, this piece and any following will be used during the dry months to decorate our street fair, Hump Day.
If you have ideas, supplies to donate, or any other input on these projects please let us know.
Other, more casual creative activities will be taking place as well. These activities are open for anyone to participate, hopefully facilitating community engagement and helping our community get to know each other. One game that we have lined up is called “Mash Up”. This consists of one piece of paper and one pen. The paper is passed from person to person each, getting a chance to “add to” the doodle/drawings of the prior participants. Eventually when the page fills up, the artwork is finished and we have one collaborative piece of artwork that countless individuals shared in creating. We haven’t quite nailed down what we will do with the finished drawings so suggestions are welcome here as well.