RisoArt Kickstarter Launched!!!

Have a heART Mural and Art Van

I have launched this kickstarter campaign for a mural of a human heart to raise heart consciousness and  in order for me to thrive as an artist and Father..  My ART Van broke down and is in serious need of help getting back on the road safely.. I need a working Van to stay in business for , transporting art getting to shows, painting murals, transporting supply’s, doesn’t really work on the bus..  My 6 yo son,  goes to school a 45 min drive away from where I live, and when my Van broke down, I started missing time with him because I can’t get him to and from school.

About the Mural:

I will be painting this mural in on a big building (at least 3 story’s) at a location yet to be announced.. (options are being discussed)  I am planning on starting the Mural on eARTh-day  as a conscious effort to honor our Mother Earth with our Hearts!!  Mural due to be complete by end of May with a big celebration event of live music and Art..

Your support on this will pay off with LOVE!

Thank you so much!

Joseph Riso