Riso Art gets busy

There is so much to catch up on.  I have been very busy the past few months started teaching entertainment painting classes at The Loaded Brush,   and started making videos there as well.  I’ve also been doing video work for Artist Marla Baggetta, and helped her with a workshop that she put on.   Her work is quite amazing.    I got to hang out for a day with one of my favorite artists Eric Nez which was a fun,  inspiring, and a humbling experience.   He showed me some of his works in-progress of pieces that he has spent more then a year on.  WOWzers!    Local Portland celebrity artist Chris Haberman curates for a bunch of places all over Portland asked me to show at one of his places.   That show goes up This Week at  “The JAM”  in Portland.   Also I want to mention I have been hired to paint a HUGE mural 50ftx30ft with full creative freedom!  The wall is on the outside of a building which faces the main Portland Hospital OHSU.  It is right under and can be seen from the Sky trans which takes people to and from the Hospital.  Very exciting!

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